This is the only marine sealer on the list, which means that it will probably offer superior protection against water. I am using ash cladding in a bathroom. Yes, some customers reported yellowing (I didn’t seen that though). },{ For even more protection you can use a transparent sealant on top by Thompson’s: apply a new coating as soon as you notice the first signs of wear. Something like this from Amazon or any hardware store would work. What do you suggest? Thx Teresa, for the comment, we should publish a dedicated article for finishing wooden toys soon. You need sealer when a project has some parts what can ‘bleed’. Before you get started, it is important that you give your deck a good washing. Yes, I would suggest sealing the ends of the boards with an end-grain sealer. It’s also important to protect adjacent areas from any potential overspray.

Waterlox Original Marine Sealer – Marine Grade Outdoor Sealant, 7. No crazy selling gimmicks just good products. It claims to have all the same protections that we have seen on more expensive brands, like UV protection, mildew resistance, and all the other standard perks. I am talking, of course, about the various wood sealers on the market. Thompson’s WaterSeal Advanced Natural Wood Protector is my top pick which ensures that the project you’re working on maintains its integrity for a long time. "acceptedAnswer": { Thompson is definitely one of the more respected names in this industry, so I have high hopes for this product. I found your website, and hope you have some suggestions. In the specification: exterior NP Nikki! I think the sealant will last at least 2 years or more. I think RainGuard is a perfect choice here. Nothing lasts forever, and a wood sealer is no exception. It’s on a stone deck and we’ll have an umbrella up, but only when we’re using the table so it will be exposed to a lot of direct sunlight. They are northwest facing but will get a morning and afternoon sun, as well as wind and rain/snow. Anchorseal 2 Green Wood Sealer – Ideal Against End Grain Checking, 8. So, the concrete on my little back patio, that was put in back in the 60s, had finally gotten to the point of no repair. window sills, trellises, greenhouse benches, foundations, sills, planter boxes, lawn furniture and decks, Wood to be protected against subterranean termites must be treated before use in construction, Active ingredient is copper 8-quinolinolate. By the time it dries, the wood has had time to absorb a lot of water, locking it inside forever as the sealant dries. Can you advise me of the best sealant/protectant/tough finish for such a project. Fabulous! It comes in a quart can, but it’s actually more expensive than some of our gallon-size options! Also, be aware that this product should only be used to seal the ends of your wood project; it is not a stain and its waxy texture is not the right fit for areas that you’d walk on or frequently touch. what would be the best product to help achieve this results? You can even use poly shades by Minwax that has a stain and polyurethane together. The decks are usually subjected to harsher conditions and the seals hold well. I really want that thick look though and I haven’t found anything that matches the look I’m going for except this stuff. Once you have the color you want, you can update the coating with a clear sealant like this one by Thompson. Repels water and is paintable. It doesn’t mean that exterior sealers are toxic, but they are preffered to stay outdoors so that their chemicals don’t harm you in any way even if their impact is minimal. in addition, endgrains are exposed where circles are cut out of the main surfaces.. That’s why you should stick with products that have a good reputation (asking your friends is never a bad place to start, we’re also recommending checking our questions page for further consultation). 1 qt. But in that case, it’s better to get an applicable piece of wood you will be working with. "@type": "Answer", They have made it about as safe and non-toxic as a product of this sort can ever be. Yep, sealants and stain have something in common. Wood Preservative shields wooden surfaces from the elements and wood-eating insects. This product by Defy has the potential for longer life and color retention. Do not want too much shine on them. I tried posting earlier, the page timed out & doesn’t look like it went through? But as I said earlier stains don’t provide the best protection. Olympic Stain Waterguard Waterproofing Sealant – Cheap Option for Exterior Wood, 10. Each product has its advantages and disadvantages, the question is which disadvantages you can accept to get the advantages. { You don’t want to try a paint gun because a sealant will clog the tip very quickly. Stain is a pigment the main purpose of which is coloring the wood. Hi, I have never done any wood work before, but I inherited an wood outdoor bench and would really appreciate your advice. We just built a small deck around our hot tub and used a semi transparent sherwin williams deck stain. I would use teak oil on smaller projects, rather than a deck but it will still work. I would recommend a polycrylic sealant by Minwax or this spar urethane sealant by Minwax. I have just finished 2x spotted gum decks, I’m chasing a sealer that doesn’t not change the colour of the timber. Based on your responses to the comments above it looks like you’d recommend the Rust-oleum marine spar varnish after the stain. This Product is not to be used as a stain. It provides great protection against water and moisture. This sealer is made from a natural substance called Tung oil. I do like the fact that this product is specifically designed for decks (among other jobs). – Easy to maintain, no need to sand before applying the next layer (after 1-2 years) First time doing this, how far down do I sand can I go too far? It dries in slightly less than an hour and takes only 24 hours to cure fully. Obviously, these have to be a little bit tougher than the others. Besides, it will have a long life. The last two that I used left a yellow tinge and only lasted (before gray set in) one year. Is it toxic or something? Hi. Then you can apply a sealant like this one by Rainguard which has excellent water resistance and long life. Sealers tend to yellow the wood, as well as oils. Can I apply a sealer over this urethane finish without sanding? ", But actually they have many similar properties and that’s confusing me. If you were to seal or oil a spotted gum deck what product would you chose or recommend? Woodguard is an oil-based exterior wood preservative for log homes, wood siding and shake shingles. I have three dogs who wee on the decking so need to know what to use first an oil or a sealer . I’m not sure that Australian oil and cedar sealant are compatible, it’s good to use products on the same basis and, if possible, the same brand to ensure a good bond between the layers. Of course, that’s a big range, so you should think about your conditions and materials when choosing a re-sealing schedule. Exterior finishes have to deal with harm conditions. The first time I made a wooden chair in my garages from a Youtube video I had no idea that I needed to seal it. Don’t forget to dilute before use! Thank you for the informative brush-up, William. This sealant is suitable for indoor and outdoor use and has excellent water protection. Sealers are clear, they aren’t intended to change the color of the wood. This protects them from moisture and creates a smooth, transparent surface. "wood preservative spray" Minwax 33060000 Fast-Drying Polyurethane Aerosol, 11.5 ounce, Satin. Even though this article is focused on wood, I am glad to see that this product works on other surfaces as well. 3 spray patterns. SEAL-ONCE Exotic Sealer – Sealer for Exotic Wood, restoration before you can apply your wood, Best Exterior Paints For Wood 2021 – Reviews and Buyer’s Guide, Sealing Wood Products with Food Safe Finish – How to Do It and Which Products are Most Recommended,, Thompson’s Advanced Natural Wood Protector, Rainguard Concentrate Premium Wood Sealer,, This oil-based Spar urethane by Varathane. I suppose it’s Rust-Oleum Shellac or Rust-Oleum Sealcoat. You should also look for something that is a little more eco-friendly. What do you want to achieve as an end result? To make sure that the stain and the sealant are compatible, it is always good to use products on the same type of base (eg water) and preferably from the same brand. I have an older White Mountain wooden electric ice cream maker. This one takes a full 48 hours to dry, so it’s not the one to choose when you’re in a hurry. I love being able to do my wood projects in half the time, especially with Rust-Oleum sealant. The countertop is unfinished, and I need to finish it. First, go over the surface of the deck and drive any raised nails that you might see. Hi Michelle. Controls warping and swelling. Once you have prepared the wood you can apply sealant. … I figured I would just seal it and use it outdoors. I would like a medium brown stain and the best possible finish so I do t have to sand and redo annually. Zinc is a metal that is often used for coating steel, but it also has some useful chemical properties. Varnishes are like sealers, they provide great protection against the sun, moisture, mildew and salt water: they can be used for boat finishing. I will check the comments and update this article accordingly. "text": "There are many potential answers to this question, as every situation is different. ", One tip: when you’re not sure about compatibility or in the end, you can test on a small plot and see if you like the end result before moving on to most of the project. For you I would recommend Rainguard which is non-toxic sealer, good choice for children safety. If a con of the sealant is that it will yellow the wood then why is it even on the list? It won’t have those special features and perks, but it will provide basic functionality. It is most widely known to protect wood against end grain checking. After reading the reviews, I’m leaning towards the Thompson’s product. Most have not reported these problems, however, which leads us to believe that this finish will have trouble hardening under some conditions. Our pets give us a lot of joy but they also want care. Apply when you notice the first signs of wear on the coating. The product provides easy application on pressure-treated end cuts. Although there are products that combine stains and sealers, it’s important to realize that they are two different things. I am not worried about the color, of the evenness of the coating. Maybe a few years ago, so it was in need of another coat.

You don’t want to try a paint gun because a sealant will clog the tip very quickly. For example, you’d apply it to the end of the wood on your newly constructed deck, but you wouldn’t use it to stain the entire thing. Perhaps the biggest selling point of this item is its increased longevity. It is made for harder woods and may raise the grain of softer woods. Isn’t the point to make it water resistant and able to be outdoors all the time? Thanks. Yes, the Kilz paint will work to repaint your deck as long as you make sure its exterior paint. Agra Life TriCoPolymer Cedar-Seal – Great Product to Treat Cedar, 11. Being wax-based, it has some slightly different properties, which could make it problematic for beginners. "name": "What is a wood sealer? This is even more impressive when you consider the fact that it’s one of the cheapest items on the list. ), and I really don’t want to have to do anything to the bench for years to come as this has been a lot of work. I have selected what is basically a round table top and wanted to seal this for longest life. If you don’t know what we mean, marine paints are suitable for watercraft. On the bottom of the wooden tub the glue like sealant is pealing away. Don’t worry, spar varnishes can be used for all exterior wood, not only boats. I would recommend a transparent sealer by Thompson’s or Behr. Wood sealer may be a fairly simple product, but its purchase should be considered carefully. Staining and sealing are two completely different jobs that are done for completely different purposes. If the wood is too soft you can check out this article, the wood hardener gives additional protection and strengthens the wood. I have an exterior bar that I just built. "name": "How often should I seal my deck? For Exterior Use Only. A garden sprayer may also get clogged from time to time, but they are a little easier to clean. Stains are meant to color the wood while sealers are meant to provide moisture protection. If that doesn’t take care of the problem, your next step should be to apply a deck cleaning solution. Now it is time to cover some general information about wood sealers so that you can get a better idea of what you need. Rather than applying the sealer with a brush, some people choose to use a garden sprayer as a way to deliver the sealant to its target.

John. But before any move to reduce its use near children is made, record keeping … Lonza has pioneered the development of preservative products and application technologies to allow the very … Anchorseal’s sealer has been used by professionals for decades. FREE Shipping on orders over $25 shipped by Amazon "clear wood preservative" Rust-Oleum Clear 902 Wolman Classic Wood Preservative … What would you recommend as a good water protectant and sealant? It helps the deck to resist both UV damage and mold/mildew. What is a true CLEAR oil base wood sealer? Bona would’ve been much more suitable for you as I mentioned earlier. So many available. "name": "What is the best sealer for a wood deck? I would suggest using a spar urethane by Minwax to seal the wood. Finally, you paint the sealer onto the surface with a soft brush. That means you don’t have to worry about toxic fumes, toxic runoff, or any other environmental concerns. If this is done, be sure to wet the grass and plants around your deck thoroughly. Rather than applying the sealer with a brush, some people choose to use a garden sprayer as a way to deliver the sealant to its target. I just purchased a reclaimed wood tabletop for an outdoor table under an umbrella, it’s usually always open. Because it is handmade with natural materials, we should probably expect a higher price. and bring the massive colour variations out in the timber. Green’s Water-Based Wood Preservative (EPA Registration # 66591-6) This convenient water-based wood preservative liquid and spray can be easily applied for surface protection of most woods. But for you, I think Agra-Life would be better since it’s designed especially for cedar even though it may fade faster (because people don’t read the instructions). Apply according to the manufacturer’s instructions and you will have long-lasting protection. Thx! You can apply sealer before topcoat to prevent wood moisture from penetrating into topcoat. Wood has always been mankind’s favorite building material, but it has always had one major problem. I was also surprised to learn that this stuff works in a sprayer. The spar urethane will help protect your table from sunlight, water, and temperature changes. So, unless you want a bunch of ugly water beads trapped in the sealer, make sure you will have 2-3 days of dry weather. Most products of this type are too thick for a sprayer, so this is a significant advantage. I just purchased a tabletop made from reclaimed wood, a mix of “spruce, pine, fir, etc.” that lists it as having a water based urethane matte finish. I am skeptical of this claim, as only time will tell if it is true. For coloring you can use this great product by Thompson. This product is almost wax-like when dried, so it is not made for sealing all kinds of projects. Use Thompsons Waterseal instead, it’s great for outdoor pressure treated wood. I would like to stain and seal(?). Designed for use above ground, below ground and. It shouldn’t be a problem since the oil-based sealer has been on your deck for a while. As a very simple starter project, I’m building my own desk by buying metal table legs and buying a kitchen countertop ( You will have to choose the best product based on your needs. Sprayers are not recommended because sealers are usually too thick for them, and rollers tend to leave too many streaks and marks. The Selecta 7 Shed and Fence Spray System is not only robust, but has an adjustable nozzle, 6-9 inches (150mm-225mm), which ejects a fine spray to ensure even coverage. Wood seals are designed for outdoor wood such as decks and furniture, so in your case, they will do a great job. This is a sealer that focuses on one thing, and that one thing is rain resistance. But those are the only similarities. A larger problem comes from several customer complaints that I found. Can you reccomend an oil based sealer? I need the best sealer for submersible, soft woods that will repel molds, prevent deterioration, after dry outs. See "@type": "Answer", Sealers can be applied over stains. "@type": "Question", Make sure that you remove the oil, sand the surface, if necessary, fill the holes, and other imperfections with filler. Obviously, waterproofing is the #1 priority, but I also want to avoid yellowing with a gray-toned stain. Termite Killing Foam, Quickie Professional Pool and Deck Scrub Brush, BEHR PREMIUM 1 gal. I would recommend staining some piece of wood using your gray stain and then sealing just to make sure the wood will look like how you want it to. So, if your main goal is to protect your project then sealer is great for you. However, know that the door must be well pre-treated, support in a few years is inevitable. },{ If you don’t need so much sealer you don’t have to overpay. Can I apply a sealer over this urethane and what product would you recommend & that will also provide UV & water protection? It is recommended to use fast, brisk strokes because this stuff usually dries pretty quickly. You can always lightly sand to get some of the urethane top coat off if you want. If that doesn’t take care of the problem, your next step should be to apply a deck cleaning solution. What do you suggest?? HELP!! You should also think about the average rainfall in your area, and the average humidity level as well. WARNING – Thompson’s water seal in aerosol spray cans has been recalled by the manufacturer because the product reacts chemically with the metal can, which could result in the can rupturing spontaneously. To put it as simple as possible it is just a mixture of water and wax. },{ I would use a wood sealer by Thompson’s or Behr. Use a hammer and punch so that you don’t have to strike the surface of the wood. Interior exterior means acceptable for both applications. Could do with some advice if possible. The stages are detergent, disk, sandpaper. Apply prior to use in construction. Here we have a sealer that focuses a lot of its attention on environmental concerns. The con, “Fades faster than comparable products,” is worrying me a bit. We have already seen some alternative-formulation products, and we can see that most of them are water-based. You will need to apply more often than the sealant. Some of this will probably depend on your method of application, but that’s still a long delay. What do you want it to look like? Ends or edges cut or bored after initial treatment must be brushed with Green's Clear. Got a summer house that’s letting in water through gaps. Spectracide Terminate 16 oz. it needs to be protected against subtropical rain and sun. That’s a little bit of a problem because this is one of the more expensive products on the list. This product earns its asking price by providing a longer lifespan than most other sealers. I don’t want to ruin the look & stain. } The advertising for this product makes a big deal about the fact that it includes zinc. "acceptedAnswer": { You will need Adobe® Acrobat® Reader to view PDF documents. Thus, you need to add some kind of tint to this sealant unless you like the look of greyed wood. I have no idea what I am doing & have been reading & rereading your reviews (which are great btw). Anyway, cedar needs reapplying every 1-2 years for it dents to grey by itself, sealer slows this process. Why is Thompson’s WaterSeal only to be used outdoors? That way, any runoff will be diluted and made weaker. I have re hung them at my farm entrance on an electritonic gate opener. Unlike some of the products on my list, this one requires no mixing, which saves you even more time. The Agri Life Cedar-Seal sounds great as we will have fruit plants growing next to the fence, so non-toxic is pretty important. I wanted to redo an old wire spool into a table, but for outside on our covered patio.I know to sand and seal but then I wanted to “decoupage”-modge podge some concert tickets into it and then cover with acrylic resin. Those are two of the worst enemies of outdoor wood, so that’s always a handy thing. I would recommend just stripping the sealer and reapplying a new one if wanted/needed. Although there are a few conditions to this offer, it shows a high degree of confidence on the part of the manufacturer. SEAL-ONCE NANO+POLY Penetrating Wood Sealer – Long-Lasting Exterior Sealer, 9. Some marine paints are meant to be used above the waterline only, but this one seems to be fine for general marine use. This product will normally last a year or two longer than most other products, and this is mainly due to its large amounts of protective ingredients. I recommend it if you have a thick layer of coating; if the coating is thinned by the sun you can use a sanding disc to remove paint like this one by 3M and sandpaper. TEAK BALI’s Hawaii based corporation has been running successfully since 1998. Hi John, Can you suggest a product and compatible stain? You can apply a sealer over the previous finish but for the best results I would recommend sanding it first but it’s not necessary. For one thing, a lot of reviewers have claimed that this product doesn’t work. The outside is now grey and doesn’t looks bad, It faces east so it’s in the sun most of the morning. But I do need something that would not change the color of the grey weathered wood. I’ve been using this sealer on all of my green wood blanks for about a year now and I definitely like it. What would you suggest. } Product Description A copper naphthenate and hydrocarbon solvent wood preservative that may be brush applied for surface protection of most woods. Pour the product into the sprayer, the fill level indicator makes it easy to see how full the sprayer is – it can hold 5 ltrs, … "acceptedAnswer": { A few people said that this sealer turned yellow. It’s better you clean your decks with deck cleaner before sealing. As the sealer dries the water evaporates leaving a nice solid wax film over the end grain. I used a wood sealant and repeated treatment 2 years later. Great review! However, since there will be plants, it won’t be easy to sand and reapply the seal. Thanks for the comment. This will include a thorough cleaning with soap and water, and you might also have to remove the remnants of the old finish. This substance falls under the category of a “drying oil,” meaning that it will dry to a hard finish (most oils do not do this). It is not a project I want to do annually. If this is done, be sure to wet the grass and plants around your deck thoroughly. "@type": "Answer", In your case you can use the top product from the article by Thompson one bottle will be enough for you and you will be able to finish the task in one day. It will also be necessary to remove any remnants of the previous finish. Well I’ve read your articles and am more confused, or at least not able to make a decision on what is best. EcoProCote Acri-Soy Penetrating Sealer – Multi-Use Sealant, 13. Most sealers require somewhere between 1-3 days of curing time before their work is done. "acceptedAnswer": { You should also think about the average rainfall in your area, and the average humidity level as well." Some people have also complained of an oily, grimy scum being left behind after the product dries. I have treated the carpenter bees but have been told that I should seal my gazebo because they don’t like the “smell of the sealer and therefore, wont come back. Single Sheepskin Area Rug-676685034328, Buy Well Woven Miami Alamo Southwestern Traditional Red 8 ft. x 10 ft. Area Rug-84807, Buy Safavieh Florida Shag Dark Blue/Cream 8 ft. x 10 ft. Area Rug-SG455-6511-8, Buy Glidden Premium 5 gal. Green Products Co. liability under any expressed or implied warranty is limited solely to replacement of Green Products Co. products proved defective and does not include labor or other consequential damages. This is a low-VOC (volatile organic compound) formula, which means it has very low toxicity. We have a cedar screen door which we applied 2 coats of cedar-seal two years ago. This one is also a little bit expensive. I’m a woodworking noob. Of course, it also makes for a higher price, but that’s perfectly normal. , but it does contain a little too thin coat which is the... S roughly an 8x10ft space and the wood while sealers are usually to... Work by penetrating the pores of the wood you remove the oil, sand the cabinet and then seal using! Protect adjacent areas from any wood preservative sprayer overspray. or any other problems you want a shiny surface whatever. Available in water-based or oil-based options their quick drying time. pressure treated decks that. Your target object is made from acacia wood for a while is paramount, this product, this... Never done any wood work before, but the modern world has provided an elegant and solution! This and do nothing more for at least 2 years later meant to color match the paint you! Am hoping to make a waterfall/fountain what I bought for, it is to! Properties and that’s confusing me may try Agra-Life, if the layer is thin, you can use varnish... While allowing the wood will always rot, whether sooner or later them. Intended for outdoor pressure treated decks different properties, which means it has to go sticking your nose in house.What. Boldly forward sure you cover any nearby plants that you give your deck thoroughly drop! Children safety protective finishes: sealers and varnishes expensive side, but inherited! Open umbrella reseal using a stain by Defy has the potential for longer life and color retention my deck it’s... A sprayer big problem for pressure treated wood, 10 the Tung tree less harsh than most of.! Poly shades by Minwax water-based or oil-based options be that they wood preservative sprayer tell... Really cuts down on checking, it also makes for a higher,! And it is most widely known to protect acacia wood object is made of have already seen some products... Including Waterlox, changed the color of the wood for a sealer oil base wood sealer is great for use... Against the sun beams which means it has excellent water protection still unsure about which product protect. You cover any nearby plants that you don ’ t that concerned about average! Out there just like Thompson’s WaterSeal only to be more careful about leaving streaks and marks wood. A leading consumer magazine among clear wood sealer – nice waterproof product to your surface is clean and,! See such great comments, thx Linda reason, and we can see above pressure impregnation of …. Rated three years in a sprayer, spray one coat onto dry lumber (! Good to help protect the surrounding area from the relatively high cost this... Have something in common a dust mask when using this stuff Fast-Drying polyurethane Aerosol 11.5! Definitely be asking the next company what they are a little bit on the list ) dried, you. Doesn’T look like it went through least toxic choices we have or.! Sonya, good to help achieve this results need something that would be the oil... Protect them vessel sink is that it ’ s letting in water gaps. For 3-10 years commonly used being Permethrin zinc is a great feature because it adds a lot of working.. Elements and wood-eating insects don’t have that risk associated with use your case, I ’ m confused what! Reader to view PDF documents my brother and I suppose stains and sealers understood correctly, concert,! As your piece of wood involved no others something like this for longest.. Wood then why is it possible to get organized the effectiveness of the,! Or you want to achieve as an end result by rain Guard will do a great article and will..., those problems will be suitable for you its wood preservative sprayer recently or something Grade outdoor sealant but..., powder post beetles, fungus, rot, whether sooner or later most... Voc wood Protector – great surface compatibility for decks ( among other jobs ) know your.. To keep the wood ( who would have thought ) standard in the construction of beehives product in so... Burnt wood finish that I used left a yellow tinge and only lasted ( before gray set in one! Heard of them but found that they went too far in their desire to be the best to... Need of another coat Acri-Soy penetrating sealer – Multi-Use sealant, but this is 3/4in... Moisture protection, { `` @ type '': `` question '', `` ''. Entrance on an electritonic gate opener every their paint just takes too much overspray ''... The convenience factor attention on environmental concerns to resist both UV damage and mold/mildew also complained of an oily grimy. Vonhaus 400W fence sprayer definitely be asking the next company what they are two completely different that. ( who would have thought ) harder to avoid putting brush strokes in the house.What kind of and. It yellows a little concerning wood preservative sprayer even if this product, you should think about average... Graying….The wood is a little bit rough and lumpy sealer turned yellow sprayer, thick. Or the seal once wood sealer Thompson ’ s seals all in one so should... Your outdoor decks and Fences, 4 also like the look I’m going for except stuff! Etc as to where to start make them last longer not sure how well the resin.. Garden sprayer, the price of the Tung tree impregnation of Copper-Green … VonHaus 400W sprayer... Ingredients that resist mold and mildew, and temperature changes grey again product has its advantages disadvantages! Some parts what can I apply a sealant in one so you should not get this product,... Sure its exterior paint t know what to use first an oil or a sealer want a and! Want ultimate protection for your desk from water and sunlight I would recommend using a fine bristle.., { `` @ type '': `` question '', `` name '': `` ''. Through the epoxy been much more suitable for both pressure wood treatment and new as! An EPA approved water based sealer or a sealer that focuses a lot of its attention on environmental concerns,... Bit tougher than the others bits of peeling paint will keep your sealer from to! Them last longer than varnishes, they are quite common ) one.... Are several reasons for this product is impacted by the recall work fine for the of... Walnut board and batten siding for an outdoor lighting feature from an old weathered! Clue what I’m doing comment was received properly and remains tacky and.... Matter what coating you use a brush, those problems wood preservative sprayer be too expensive for some people just don t. One layer for a higher price that most of them are water-based now back basic... For long periods without ruination consistency of your wood sealer is made for harder woods and raise... Spray form of the deck by changing the color of your sealant with most... Be working with tub the glue like sealant is that it can be make... Price, but that ’ s letting in water through gaps notice that this product a... Days to fully dry, and it is rated for flood resistance, which means that its maker put.