Methaphoric Cards

Metaphorical association cards are therapeutic cards in the form of a set of small pictures. From images to imagination, the flow of associations makes it possible to easily express the essence of the problem and help find resources to overcome it. Therapeutic conversation takes place with the examination and interpretation of cards reflecting the situation.

At the heart of the idea of ​​metaphorical cards lie the work of Canadian artist Ely Raman, an adherent of the modernist method of turning a deck of paintings into „variable structures“ capable of constant change. This method suggests involving the viewer to a process of change. Thus, initially, metaphorical cards were created as objects of modern action art, which the viewer can interact with. The pictures are designed to be held in the palm of your hand, and not hang on the wall. Thus, cards become a link between the individual’s personal perception and the universal human archetypal meanings embedded in the works of art.

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