Center for art therapy & family constellation

„A picture is worth a thousand words.“
Art provides more room to express yourself when words limit you.

Art therapy openes up the opportunity to recognise, accept and express feelings in a visual way. Without laboured explanations it offers the possibility to approach problems through metaphors and symbols – a chance to interact through the use of art. It is not necessary to have any particular artistic skills in order to become a creator and to communicate with the help of pictures. In the safe space of the art therapy practice and with the help of an experienced therapist problems can be overcome problems and find suitable solutions can be found.


Treatment issues

I can provide support with:

  • Depression, mental exhaustion, burnout

  • Coping with stress

  • Integration difficulties

  • Grief, finding closure

  • Traumatic experiences

In addition, I consult women before, during or after pregnancy.
I also offer therapy for children and adolescents.

About me


Olga Maykl

I grew up in Russia and have lived in Berlin since 2004. While studying architecture at the University of Moscow, I learned the artistic methods of painting, drawing, sculpture and art history. In Germany I worked as an artist, curator and lecturer in various creative projects and institutions in the fields of theatre, fine arts and art teaching. The therapeutic effect of art became clear to me and I completed my training as an art therapist and alternative practitioner for psychotherapy. During the last 11 years I have been intensively involved with family constellations in particular and have developed my own individual method of constellation work in which associative images support the therapeutic process.

I have a license as a Heilpraktikerin for psychotherapy  and I am registered  with the German health authority (Gesundheitsamt).

You can find my artistic work here: