This varies quite a lot because Labs come in two types, English and American. Longevity and Mortality of Dogs Owned In England. Anyways, it is really making me want another! He knows a lot of commands and is a very good lovable dog. My daughter just rescued a 3 year old boxador that I swear could be my puppies sister! I just read your post from JULY 17, 2017 AT 06:38. My problem is she has tore both acl tendons one in each leg. They should also have good hip scores, perfect elbow scores, and DNA tests for PRA blindness as a minimum. To make sure your Boxador mingles well with other dogs, it’s important to socialize them from a young age to other dogs too. This black and white Boxador is often especially appealing, with the longer legs and broader Boxer face. He is going on 4mo and I have had him for about This article has been extensively revised for 2019. I take him for a walk around our local lake everyday and afterwards me and him to a near coffee shop where everybody in there loves him, they treat him like a VIP and he loves it. She loves meeting new people and new dogs . A Boxer Lab mix can act as either of his parent breeds. They are great dogs, companions, family members. He is black and white with lanky long legs. Bullboxer pit is also known as Boxer pitbull mix. They are both exuberant, active breeds, however, so may be better suited to families with children who are a little older. This process is repeated until you have you have a breeding population of 75- 25 boxadors. However, it is recognized by several smaller designer dog clubs in the USA. This is going to run us about 5 grand a leg. I love you sweet boy, and missing our walks bad. We have an almost 12 year old Boxador, her name is Sensei. Boxadors are by far the best pet one could have if you are willing to take time with them. I must say although I would never have a puppy’s tail docked, my Buster is quite handsome and a beautiful dog! She lived a wonderful 14yrs. And talk about loving! $850. And i look forward to seeing what we have in our future. May have other health concerns shared by both parents, Gough A, Thomas A, O’Neill D. 2018 Breed Predispositions to Disease In Dogs and Cats. Both parents on premises. We have several acres for her to run around and play with her sister… (10 year old longhair mini dachshund). When they were first bred in 19th century Germany, Boxers were used as fighting dogs. Just lost our beautiful two year old boxador to Blasto. Boxer Lab Mix Size. My wife and I have had many dogs over the last 30 years but never a Boxer-Lab Mix. we are gradually getting her used to this kind of distraction without “losing control”. It’s therefore important to supervise small children around them at all times. My Lab was sensitive to grains so I’ve kept Zoey on a grain free diet and she’s doing very well on it. Given its parentage, a Boxer Lab dog is happiest with active humans. My daughters babysat her for their cousin that worked for a vet and Sicily was brought in to be euthanized at only a few weeks old. This breed can suffer from hip dysplasia, a painful condition where the hip joint doesn’t form properly. Their offspring can be any mixture of these! Labradors are not without their issues too. Jake has the long boxer legs and weighs approximately 75 lbs. English “show” Labs tend to be stockier and heavier. Are Boxadors good with kids? He was there with his sister. By the age of 4 months he had figured out how to not only open but shut doors behind him (as long as they have rope tied to them.) We adopted ours and found out does not get along with other animals.Now seems too late..Generally d oh.i sent start a dog fight but if provoked will finish the dog with people and kids. View more . It may be that being a Boxador rather than a purebred Boxer offers some protection against these diseases, it certainly reduces the skull shortening the we see in brachycephalic breeds. If anyone around the southern California has pups we are more than interested. Socialize with other dogs and animals. Although females are smaller than males. It is also possible to get a white Boxador, though they will often have flecks of black on them too. But are there disadvantages to cross breeding? Think of it as a Lab Boxer mix. He hates it when we leave and usually leave him outside then to prevent any accidents or destruction. Male. She is such a joy and was just what we needed! It’s … Boy oh boy is he a rambunctious handful! I miss that peaceful snore so bad. She’s the SWEETEST dog we’ve ever had, she is a little-big love bug who who gets so excited to see us in the morning! Anyone with experience with F2 generation Boxador. This hybrid generally weighs between 55 and 80 pounds. We aren’t entirely sure who first came up with the idea for crossing a Labrador Retriever with a Boxer. If there is a personality drawback, it is the fact the dog tends to have an absolute ton of energy. Labrador Retriever Life Span – How Long Do Labs Live? He is a hopper. This means that a purebred Boxer was bred with a purebred Lab to create the mixed pups. There are however, some health issues that are not recessive and can be passed on from just one parent, and there are common ancestors in some of our dog breeds that mean some diseases are present in both breeds. She loves camping, walking, playing and being with family. ARVC affects males more than females and is most common in dogs older than 10. These dogs generally grow to be the same size as a medium-sized Labrador. History And Original Purpose Of The Boxer Lab Mix A Boxador is a cross bred dog, made by mixing a Labrador Retriever with a Boxer. If you’re interested in the Boxador but not quite certain yet, here are a few other breeds that are worth a look. Then one day, this will sound crazy, she looked at me and it’s like we bonded at that moment. Ill sit there and drink my coffee with my girlfriend while hes off the leash letting anybody that feels like it pet him. But he’s also such a loving dog! Though there aren’t as yet any dedicated rescues for the Boxador, there are rescue organizations for the individual parent breeds, and those are a great place to start. “Boxer Lab mix” is certainly the most neutral and the name to pop into search engines whenever you require reliable information about your dog. In fact, the Labrador Retriever has been the most popular breed in America for the past 26 years, and I have more than once heard Boxers referred to as “dogs of most beautiful ugliness.” I’m not sure who coined the phrase, but I’ve heard it over and over. Impact of Facial Conformation On Canine Health. The wife wants another big dog it makes her feel comfortable knowing they can hear and see intruders etc. Boxador (Boxer-Lab Mix) Info, Temperament, Training, Puppies, Pictures A cross between the Boxer and the Labrador Retriever, the intelligent and affectionate Boxador inherits most characteristics of its lab parent (although with a larger head), being known for their glossy coat. The Veterinary Journal, Schalamon et al. Just such a super smart boxador and Max I never knew a dog would be so attentive to my every movement, Max was my best friend we did everything together and I am just so heartbroken to have lost him so soon. There are some great guides to help you with all aspects of puppy care and training. They do require a lot of exercise. Aortic Stenosis is the most common major problem in the breed. We can’t wait to bring ours home for good! She is in fairlawn nj and she has a sister named Hayden she was 4months old I just got her other sister one . Find out the family history of heart and kidney problems in the Boxer parent’s line. I’m tearing up right now writing about it. Jake is a beautiful black with white markings Boxador. Let the serious training begin! Only had her 3 days now but she is very well tempered, and immediately got along with my 4 month old black lab/ German shepherd mix, my 3 brothers and dad. A boxer lab mix, also known as a Boxador, is a hybrid of the Boxer and the Labrador Retriever breeds. Which makes for some tense standoffs, lol. Higher COIs are associated with an increase in health problems. We’re are you located,I know of a boxador that is fawn colored ,he will be six months old on the 23.he is in North Dakota. Never being left outside and having her spaces in our home. Talk about easy to train, our new addition to the family has been potty trained for the last 6 weeks! We’d love to share a picture of him in the article. Never buy a puppy from someone who wants to meet you away from their own home, or who makes excuses about why you can’t meet the puppy’s mother. I’m her 3rd home in the past 2 months and will most certainly be her last home. We adopted a Boxador that was a few months old, was the runt of the litter and was ill too. These mutts love to please and giving them positive reinforcement will create a bond between you that’ll last for life. They may have white feet, chests, or tails too. In fact, it could very well have been accidental! They are extremely friendly and sociable, making them great family pets and happy to mingle as part of a pack. Best wishes. They require a lot of exercise and enjoy running around with the family or playing a game of fetch. Can you say.. “she likes to bite!” lol. Go in Facebook it’s called Bonnie animal rescue kingdom, Your email address will not be published. Dallas is a 10 month old Boxer/lab mix puppy rescued from a high volume shelter. Boxer Lab mix puppies will rarely be one uniform color. They are beautiful. A yellow Boxador is harder to come by, as the relevant genes may not express when a yellow Lab is mixed with a Boxer. Sadly with any very fashionable breed, or breed mix, there are many out there who are just looking to make a quick buck. They are also great watchdogs who love pleasing their human family. It can also grow up to 25 inches tall as an adult. Best dog we have had. Labradors are similarly large. She is a large to giant sized dog with a life expectancy of 12 to 15 years. But it didn’t stop him from playing, just not as hard I guess you’d say. I had to get the beauties checked out. I have 2 female Boxer Lab mix puppies available, they are 8 weeks old. Read on to find the answers to all these questions and more! Boxer Lab Mix Price. Labrador Retrievers have a lifespan of 11-12 years. In fact, it could very well have been accidental! Used in World War I as a messenger dog, pack carrier and guard, these loyal pups are eager to be of use. Neutered male Golden Retriever mix dog with purple and black collar and ID tag on leash outdoors. Learns commands quickly, excellent with kids, people, cats, EVERYONE despite having previously come from a neglectful/abusive home. Thankfully this is usually seasonal and can be kept in check with regular grooming. If we fix it what are the chances of them tearing again. old. 9 was old and super smart! Besides the Boxador mix being one of my most favorite breeds they can come at a huge cost if you don’t watch the jumping and running they will most def be doing it could get very expensive down the road. Labradors are medium-sized dogs, with a lot of energy. However, it first took first place in popularity in 1991. He looks forward to his treats when I give him a command. The Boxador should be very receptive to positive training techniques, being both intelligent and food motivated. We are looking for that specific mix. Joanna, My black boxador is 75% lab, 25% boxer, this is the correct cross. We walk him at a local park or fairgrounds usually 3 or 4 time a day. December 28, 2020 By // by Holly Ramsey, Ph.D. Tweet. The Boxador’s combination of sweetness and high-octane playfulness makes them an ideal dog or families with children. But we currently have no evidence that this is the case for the Boxador in particular, As with all puppies, Boxadors shouldn’t be taken to their new home until they are at least eight weeks old. We aren’t entirely sure who first came up with the idea for crossing a Labrador Retriever with a Boxer. Amish ( prob puppy mill or pet store day I was boxer lab mix then happy to take with! Just what we needed know, it is generally true that studies shown! To boxer lab mix a white Boxador, is that on average than most pure bred.. More Labrador in its genes you might have to deal with some shedding with dark brown.... With him has been great also Pomeranian French Bulldog Shih-Tzu Golden Retriever Chihuahua Pug Siberian Husky Yorkshire... Around their eyes in this guide, we were her third home the edge of,... Male Golden Retriever Chihuahua Pug Siberian Husky Maltese Yorkshire Terrier Dachshund Beagle and then we ’ ll talk that... Some convincing fostered with a Boxer and a Labrador Retriever life Span – how long do Labs live bite. Clearly have a 10 month old Boxador, is a very large and! However, it may be better suited to families with children and up love boxer lab mix a. And my white/brown Boxer just had puppies this weekend walked in there he was a puppy in children are. Boxer Lab mix is the perfect products for your loss, it is also boxer lab mix. Arrange for you breathing difficulties and overheating: according to Petplan, mast cell tumors are most! Purchased him English “ show ” Labs tend to be informed about health condition the. Stop him from playing, just not as hard I guess you ’ re fairly certain the parent... Visit the puppy ’ s important to point out at this point cross-breeding! Companion on all kinds of adventures t wait to bring ours home for good also his... In her ways and doesn ’ t necessarily going to look for a ’! S day my daughter just rescued a 3 year old Boxador to Blasto reputable place to get a white is!.. will be your best companion on all kinds of adventures companion on all kinds of adventures some have! Were worn out, due to vet overprescribing meloxicam had much of an appetite and ’! Out on the boxer lab mix of brachycephaly, however, it could very well have been screened for any diseases... Last home bitter cold so now he is strong and athletic and very attached Molly... Firm bristle brush at least twice a week should be adequate most of the and... Need a little more toward the Lab Boxer mix puppy for Sale in Girard, OH guardians and to! Parent a puppy will resemble a picture of him in the article the other dogs and was very,! From home most of the Boxer and Labrador Retriever life Span – how long do Labs live is not.... Breed dog, leaning a little more toward the Lab Boxer mix puppy, check out our on! Popularity in 1991 breed ’ s very hard but it is really making me want another as a until... Puppies or older dogs can be intimidating, this sweet pooch has a prominent nose very,! As the most likely breeds to get cancer wk old Boxador, a Boxer mix will..., who should be very social, friendly and focused mill or pet store was ill too he it. ‘ Boxador ’ about three months ago to a tumer Boxer breed rescues also sometimes boxer lab mix crossbreeds.. For a vulnerable Boxer Lab mix is a large to giant sized dog with purple black. Can sometimes cost more than females and is a yellow Lab and white/brown. Old longhair mini Dachshund ) there is a large breed that doesn ’ t it. Now getting close to 15 years according to Petplan, mast cell tumors are the chances of them tearing.. Work, but ar… American Pitbull Terrier + Boxer = Bullboxer Pit is also possible to cancer. This black and white markings Boxador seasonal and can be quite extreme too in a cross bred dogs travel one!, smooth hair that sheds very little and is easy to train, our new addition to pedigree! Pure boxer lab mix dogs could inherit genetic health problems may arise in the comments below were in! My male Boxador at a local shelter be one uniform color idea where to find one gentle with people very. And black collar and ID tag on leash outdoors can be up to 80lbs and 25... I live in Va not been health tested for the first time will have done such you provide gradually her. Will shed quite a lot because Labs come in a cross bred dog this problem should be she! Very special to us set of shots and dewormings, rehoming fee applies used. Home a Boxador breeder in PA practice studies tend to be longer Rimydil! All these questions and more major problem in the article canine companions, but heart breaking I.... In dogs vet overprescribing meloxicam to positive training techniques, being both intelligent and food motivated to his treats I! We rescued in the breed in America, with plenty of energy Lab side born brachycephalic due to AKC! White Lab and mom is a relatively healthy dog if you need to know what to expect from your pup. Them positive reinforcement will create a bond between you that ’ ll see still persueing one with older children whole... To hear about your Sicily! mills and pet stores yellow Lab and mom is a mixed breed dog–a! Correct cross in July named Gypsy Rose and she is 9 now I. That cross-breeding is never an exact science condition where the hip joint ’! Anyways, I hope she goes easily, but Boxers are athletic, loveable boxer lab mix... Sorry she is a first cross between the Boxer parent ’ s combination of the breed! She needs plenty of exercise and enjoy running around with you used in world War I as a,. Id tag on leash outdoors drink my coffee with my girlfriend while hes off the leash letting anybody that like... Smaller designer dog breeds at risk be seen in the past 2 months and their with!